It looks like the 2018 Little Red Caboose has rolled into the station. Wow! Another year gone and a new one looms. That means it’s time to shove off in search of new stories … but not before I thank the many authors who’ve supported and continue to support my writing journey. “I thank my God every time I remember you.” 

It’s been my pleasure to feature many of these fine authors in Author Snapshots over the past six months. Each of them have played a vital role in the growing success of my new website. Perhaps, you’ve not tuned in or have missed some features along the way. If so, you can visit your favorite authors and their stories or be introduced to new ones by clicking below. Tap on the author’s name to read their story or on the photo to open their Amazon page and browse their exciting books.

I look forward to featuring more authors in 2019 and have started filling in Saturdays on my calendar. If you’re an author with a published book and want additional exposure, or if you’ve recently acquired your first publishing contract and want to shout it from the caboose top, I invite you to checkout the Author Snapshot feature on my website and consider participating. If you want, we’ll schedule your date around an upcoming event or book release.

Click here to email me if you want to receive an interview questionaire and be included in 2019’s lineup. Also, I hope you’ll decide to subscribe here to my Bringing Life into Focus website and not miss a single feature or opportunity to be introduced to some amazing authors and their latest releases. If you subscribe, I’ll be happy to return the favor on your site.



If so—sit back, relax, and let’s enjoy our 2019 journey together.

I think we can …

          I think we can …

                    I think we can …

                              HEY! … 

                                       I KNOW WE CAN!


Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!





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