To say that award-winning Wisconsin author, Judith Rolfs, is passionate about writing would be an understatement. Her first book, published in 1985, was only the beginning of her long and prolific writing career. She’s written in every genre and has twenty-one published books.

Her passion for writing is only surpassed by her love for God and her profound desire to help others. Growing up in a home with alcoholic, self-absorbed parents caused her to treasure the family life she never had and motivated her to enter the counseling profession. “I poured my energy into creating my own happy family and helping countless others during three decades of psychotherapy.”

As an author, Judith looks to the Bible and uses life principles that work. She’s written devotionals, marriage and parenting how-to books, and has loved helping children develop imagination through her two mystery fantasy series—Adventures of Tommy Smurlee, and Modern Christian Fairy Tales.

Mystery novels are her new passion—mysteries with a message, and her general theme is always God and relationships among husbands and wives and parents and children. In her September 2018 release, The Windemere Affair, her heroine is a psychotherapist who deals with psychological and relational issues. Judith was thrilled to receive a written review from a male reader that stated “I’m a big fan of Columbo and Perry Mason and this book ranks right up there with them as clean, enjoyable mystery.”

Judith’s books can be purchased on her Amazon Author page, and you can connect with her on her website  or blog

“My personal desire is to live each day with joy and peace no matter how difficult personal situations may be. I believe Jesus really meant it when he told us not to worry over anything. This was a challenge when my son had cancer, and when I had Lyme’s disease and Hepatitis C, but God faithfully brought me through. He is amazing!”


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