Born near Nashville, Tennessee
Lives near Atlanta, Georgia

Writing Genre: Bible Study

Katy has loved action movies since her childhood. She remembers using a wrapping paper roll as a lightsaber, mimicking Luke Skywalker and making up her own Star Wars adventures. Her other movie heroes included Robin Hood, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan.

She enjoys making jewelry, especially custom jewelry for friends. When her friends become engaged, she prints a picture of the couple and puts it in a pendant for the future bride to wear. She has also made Refresh pendants in honor of her family’s magazine, and has created graphics for her author friends.

Katy enjoys scrapbooking and has applied the principles of scrapbooking to writing Bible studies. “The Scrapbooked Bible Study” is the name of her blog and the brand for her publishing company’s Bible studies for women. You can connect with her at

“Bible study is my heart, and so is connecting with other Christian writers. I look forward to working more with writers to create Bible study and Christian living compilations. We (at Lighthouse Bible Studies) already have two compilations on the market, and we have plans for making three or four more. I’m excited about the days ahead and the doors that God will open. Let’s seek to be strong voices for God in our generation and not miss any chance to trumpet the glories of who He is.”

Katy’s books, including her 2018 release, Heart Renovation, are listed on Amazon.

“When we come to the end of our own ability, we discover the life-changing power of God’s ability. His power is enough every single time it’s needed. Enough to save a soul, transform a heart, heal old wounds, ease painful memories, and restore relationships. He is enough to provide and protect. To guide us and instruct us. To satisfy our longing hearts and fill them with His goodness (Psalm 107:9).Katy Kauffman, Heart Renovation  




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