Even though much of her life was spent in Florida—where she met her amazing husband Charlie—Andrea Merrell is a Southern gal who loves the mountains. She lives in the beautiful foothills of South Carolina where she was born.

Andrea is an award-winning author and editor who loves to encourage others and help them move forward in their writing career. She will tell you she loves what she does.

“Words are important and powerful, whether spoken or written.” Passionate about God’s Word and making it practical, Andrea has written hundreds of devotions. She also enjoys writing Christian fiction with relatable characters and real-life scenarios that will inspire readers and point them to the Lord without being preachy.

Andrea believes the more transparent we are, the more others can relate and the more impact our words can have. “God doesn’t waste a single moment of our lives. He uses our failures and successes to help others. Praying for the Prodigal came about as a result of my son and daughter getting caught up in drugs and alcohol. God delivered them and restored our family. Marriage: Make It or Break It is the culmination of over forty years of trial and error and the many lessons God taught me.” Her books can be found on Amazon Author page.

When Andrea is not at her desk (which is not often), you can find her with her nose stuck in a book, playing games on her iPad, or spending quality time with her husband. She loves coffee, dark chocolate, Hallmark movies, lunch with friends, and hanging out with her six adorable grandchildren.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website http://www.AndreaMerrell.com where you can sign up to receive a short weekly devotion. You can also find her—along with fellow editor Alycia Morales—at http://www.TheWriteEditing.com where they give some great writing and editing tips.

“Anger never solves a problem. Watch your words and check your attitude. It’s hard to hug a porcupine.” —Marriage: Make It or Break It



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