It has been said, “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” If that’s true, Jann W Martin is a world changer.

This Florida author, teacher, and speaker loves being in the company of children. Since receiving her B.A. in Early Elementary Education from Michigan State University in 1972 and a commission as a Associate in Ministry from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in 1999, she’s taught preschool as well as children of all ages in the churches she’s attended. 

Her dream to captivate children’s hearts with stories that teach them the Bible through the eyes of a child became a reality a couple of years ago through her book series, Bible Characters Through the AgesSix books in this growing series are published and can be purchased on her Amazon Author  page along with This Babe, So Small, the book that started her writing career. 

Needing a book to read on Christmas Eve at a family service, God inspired her to tell the nativity story through the eyes of seven-year-old Joanna, the inn keeper’s daughter. In This Babe, So Small, Joanna exclaims, “Imagine that! The Son of God will come and take away all our sins so we can be with God in Heaven! Can all these people in Bethlehem be a sign?”

Jann grew up in Detroit, Michigan in the 50’s. When she was five-years-old her mom taught her how to knit. Knitting is still her favorite hobby. Learning to sew in grade school and then tailoring in high school increased her desire to learn more crafts. As time went on she learned embroidery, cross stitch, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, and candlewicking.

Who better to write a series of handcraft books than Jann? She’s currently writing the first one on quilting. She also writes articles for One Christian Voice, Refresh, and Ezine and plans to write for more magazines in the future.

Though proud of her Michigan roots, Jann says that retiring to Florida to be near children and grandchildren is “heaven.” Not a bad stop for this world changer.

You can follow Jann on her blog and connect with her at

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