Although northern Iowa author, Gail Kittleson’s roots run deep in the place of her birth, she always welcomes a change of scenery. Throughout the years, she’s spread her wings to reside in homes in France, Senegal, W. Africa, and eastern Oregon. Currently, from January through March, she writes in Arizona’s beautiful Ponderosa forest under the Mogollon Rim. “Unlike in Iowa, even if there’s a huge snowstorm, people can still go out for an afternoon walk in a light jacket.”

Gail writes women’s historical fiction, memoir, and as of her December 7 release, Kiss Me Once Again, historical romance. When not steeped in World War II historical research, writing, or editing, you’ll find her reading for fun, gardening, or enjoying her grandchildren.

She delights in interacting with readers who fall in love with her characters, and you can connect with her on her website at 

When asked about her early years, she said, “In the days when contracting polio terrified parents, I developed sudden pain in a joint that made it painful to walk. Going to the doctor was something farm folk like us resorted to only in a dire emergency, but that day, my mom made an appointment, which led to some therapy for a pulled muscle. Whew!”

Gail is currently researching and writing a novel about a real-life WWII nurse who grew up about an hour from where she lives. “I’m also working on a co-written WWI novel with a South Carolina author and a cozy mystery with a Wisconsin author.”

You can purchase Gail’s books and newest novella, Kiss Me Once Againon her Amazon Author page.

“Mustn’t ever do that, Glenora—give up on things. That’s one thing the war taught me. As long as we’re still alive, there’s always hope.” —Hank, Kiss Me Once Again

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