Edie Melson’s “find your voice, live your story” message is one she takes to heart. She lives her dream as an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, and the three million plus visitors to her blog, The Write Conversation, would agree she’s found her voice.
Edie grew up in a creative family. Her mother is an internationally known artist and her father was a classically trained musician. His second career was as a landscape photographer. 
Edie will quickly tell you she’s not an artist, but those who know her know she’s mastered the art of much. Have a writing question? Ask her. Need to know how to market your book or navigate social media? Ask her. How about the ins-and-outs of bullet journaling or snapping an amazing photo? Ask her. She’s always ready to share her wealth of knowledge—a refreshing quality in today’s competitive environment. 
“In the summer my parents would pile my sister and I in the back of their VW Van and we’d travel across the United States camping, painting, taking pictures, writing and reading.” Is it any wonder that this creative Texas born, South Carolina author, blogger, and speaker would grow up to travel the nation encouraging and mentoring other creatives? 
When asked about her future hopes and endeavors, she said, “I hope to continue my writing and publishing career and have more opportunities to speak—particularly to women’s groups and in churches.” My hunch is she will.
You can connect with Edie on her blog and find her books on her Amazon Author Page.
“I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.”
—Isaac Asimov

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