Pennsylvania award-winning author Robin Luftig, born in Paulding County, Ohio, grew up in a town of 33 people. Today, her national speaking and writing ministries touch more lives than anyone can count. Her road to health and wholeness has not been smooth, but her mantra of “Be grateful in everything—even the bumpy rides,” points toward her life’s message of healing after tragedy. 

Robin recently retired to write fulltime after working in higher education for approximately thirty years. She writes both fiction and non-fiction. Her genre’s include Women’s Fiction, Christian Suspense, and Christian Living. When asked who inspired her to write, she said, “Lois Lane. How could she not? She was pals with Superman. That’s pretty inspiring, right?”

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Robin self-published her first book, Learning to Bloom Again: Walking Through Forgiveness After Divorce. It took her eight years to write it. ”I’d pick it up, put it down, then pick it up again. It was a process.”

Her latest book, she wrote in two years, but it would be eight before it would be traditionally published. In March of this year, Bold Vision Books released God’s Best During Your Worst.

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“For God’s Best, I’d often ask the question, “What do you do if everything you ever count on disappeared? Because that’s what happened to me when a sudden seizure lead to the discovery of a brain tumor and the doctors gave me ten days to ‘get my affairs in order’. Hearing God’s voice challenge me with, ‘Do you trust Me?’ set me on a ten-day course in the greatest trial in my life. I needed to know—without a doubt—that I believed everything about God and his mercy that I had been taught.

I still carry residuals from brain surgery, but my closest friends are the only ones who can tell I didn’t come back 100%. It’s all good. If Paul could have a thorn in his side and still serve Jesus, then so can I.”

When asked for her advice to writers struggling with their first book, Robin said, “Never give up and always study the craft. Attend writers conferences. Make friends with other writers. If you need help (and we all do), join writing groups. If a story’s burning in your heart, tell it. If discouragement tries to douse the flame, reach out to other writers. Tell them how you’re feeling. I can guarantee they all felt the same way on their own writing journey.”

Looking ahead, she plans to continue speaking and writing as long as God has words for her to share. “God has blessed me with more time than what seemed possible. Because of His great mercy and grace, it’s my goal to share that with others who are struggling in their own doubts of value.”

Robin and her husband live near Harrisburg, PA on the banks of the Susquehanna River. They have five grown children and two grandbabies. She invites you to connect with her on her website at and to check out her books on her Amazon Author page.


Tick … tick … tick. Time keeps slipping by; it’s so precious. I embrace this opportunity to ponder my life. Has my faith been enough? It’s helping to get me through yet another trying time, but it’s never been tested before as it is now. Is there enough grace for me … for one more time?” —Robin Luftig, God’s Best During Your Worst

“Forgiveness is a flower that doesn’t grow overnight. But it’s the best step toward healing you’ll ever make.”— Robin Luftig, Learning to Bloom Again

Be grateful in everything—even the bumpy rides, is the mantra of this week's author. Check out today's Author Snapshot and meet Robin Luftig Share on X

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