Award-winning, contemporary romance author Cynthia Herron is an Ozark mountain girl, born and bred. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the characters in her novels have found a home there too. 

In her formative years, numerous teachers fostered and encouraged her writing dream, but it was her father, who shared her passion for the written word and fueled her desire to become a writer.

“He championed my work from the very beginning and cheered me on at every milestone. Daddy believed in my writing ability long before my books were even published. As a teenager, I often frequented our little town library—a beautiful, refurbished, two-story gem—within a short walking distance from our home. I devoured books like they were candy, and to this day, that library remains a fond memory.”

Cynthia wrote her first romance in about three months. “No, it wasn’t published, but it remains safely tucked away among some better efforts”—and those “better efforts” paid off.  

Her debut novel, Her Hope Discovered, which released in December 2018 with Mountain Brook Ink, is the first book in her Welcome to Ruby series. Today, it is a double finalist in the 2020 Selah Awards. “I’m thrilled this book is among such great company! Winners will be announced November 18th.” 

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Her second book in the series, His Love Revealedreleased in October 2020. Like her first, this contemporary inspirational romance is set in the Missouri Ozarks. “Readers who enjoy small town heartwarming fiction with down-to-earth neighbors, big dreams, and secrets will delight in this charming love story, chock-full of quirky, lovable characters and a wonderful surprise or two.”

Looking forward, Cynthia hopes to continue writing the Heartfelt, Homespun Fiction that’s so near and dear to her heart. Currently, Her Faith Restored, book three in the WTR series, is well underway and will be published next year.

When asked what advice she would give aspiring writers, Cynthia said,  “As with most dreams, writing is a craft that develops with time. Rarely is our first effort our best effort. We develop our sea legs by joining writing organizations, attending writing conferences, and aligning ourselves with those who are experts in their field. Enlisting critique partners who are further along in the writing craft is also beneficial. Remember, while opinions can be very subjective, generally, if multiple people are giving similar feedback, that’s a strong indication that something’s not working. Don’t shy away from fixing the problem. Embrace the advice and try again!”

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“Sometimes, it takes a hundred snows to arrive at our spring.”  —Chuck Farrow, His Love Revealed




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