North Carolina author, Heather Norman Smith, is a devotional blogger and an author of inspirational fiction. Born in Elkin, a small town situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, she now makes her home forty-five minutes away in Lewisville. She resides with her husband, their three children, and the newest addition to their family, an almost three-year-old foster son.

Although she’s never been west of the Mississippi, Heather’s ability to create and write with broad appeal isn’t thwarted. Her goal is to present the beauty of the Tar Heel State and use the written word to entertain and encourage, while illuminating the redemptive love of God.

Her motivation to write began with a desire to make her dad, a voracious reader, proud and to appease the main character of her first book. “She showed up one day and wouldn’t leave until I told her story. Since that’s the way it happened, I like to think God was involved in it too.”

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Heather has completed three novels, none of which are in the same genre. “I write a little outside the box, but all the stories are set in my home state, and they all have a clear gospel message. My first book is on the short side. I think it was completed in three months. It was published by a small press.”

When asked for her advice to aspiring authors, she said, “Write for yourself and no one else. That goes against a lot of industry advice, but write the story you want to read first, and then see if there are adjustments that can be made to suit a larger audience while staying true to the story.”

Heather’s latest novel, Where I Was Planted, was released in July of this year. As for her future plans, she says, “I tend to want to write everything. I am self-publishing a devotional in the coming months, Timeout For Jesus. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. I also have ideas for more nonfiction, plus the beginnings of three novels. I pray that God will help me prioritize the projects correctly.”

Heather invites you to connect with her on her website,, and to check out her books on her Amazon Author page.


“There’s purpose in everything! We may not see it, or understand it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.” —Colleen Hill, Grace & Lavender




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