Mission-minded author and Christian humorist, Laurie Yost, has ziplined over rain forests, eaten cow udder, and climbed mountains in Mexico, but the adventure her heart desires and thrives on is to share Jesus with everyone she meets.

The genesis of her story took place in Columbus, Georgia when her father was enlisted in the US Army and stationed at Fort Benning. She later served as a missionary for ten years with her family in Mexico. Today, northern Michigan is her mission field. “I love my call as a middle grade and high school Social Studies and Spanish teacher. I’m also a pastor’s wife and love teaching Bible studies.”

Laurie had never thought of writing her story, but what the world craves now is laughter. Time and again people would approach her after speaking engagements and say, “Please write a book. People need to read your stories and laugh.”

It took her around seven years to compile her stories and walk through the process of publication, but in October 2015, Laurie delivered on her promise to provide her audience with slices of humor they could take home, chew on, and belly laugh over.

When asked what advice she would give an aspiring author, she said, “Keep at it and don’t quit. Look for people who have written before and really take in and apply their feedback. Find women who will build into you and lift you up not only as a writer but as a woman, wife, mom and follower of Jesus.”

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Some say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s face it, we do. And if Laurie Yost’s book is as fun on the inside as it’s inviting exterior promises, we’re in for a treat.

Laurie has always looked at life from the humorous side and will give you permission to laugh. In her light-hearted, down-to-earth book Stumbling Along, she takes themes from her anecdotes and biblically challenges readers to practical life applications.

“We can have a sense of humor and still live a genuine Christian life. If you’ve been void of laughter, then today is the day to start laughing again.”

Laurie invites you to check out her book, Stumbling Along. on Amazon and to connect with her on her website at www.laurieyost.com or her Facebook page, @laurieyostspeaks.

Because Laurie’s desire is to continue speaking and encouraging women to love Jesus and to laugh more, she’s working on a follow-up humorous book as well as a book of fiction. 


“Live a life of love, laughter and intention with a heart to serve.” 

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