Award-winning Florida author, speaker, life coach, and licensed therapist, Tina Yeager, was born in Macomb, Illinois. “After an ice storm, my mother allegedly told my father, ‘I’m moving to Florida and taking the kids. Are you coming?’ I doubt my parents made such a hasty or unilateral decision on the matter, but we enjoy the story.”

Tina’s first poem was published in the newspaper when she was six years old. “I sensed my call to write before I heard its clear whisper in my soul. As a child, I loved to invent elaborate story worlds while playing, but I also filled a notebook with ‘self-help’ meditations.”

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Today, her nonfiction writing includes devotionals, Christian living, and articles. She also writes speculative fiction, and her agent is currently shopping her supernatural, horror, and contemporary fantasy manuscripts.

A few weeks ago, Tina launched her Flourish-Meant Podcast. Her goal is to inspire others to live as they were meant to, so they can flourish. “I’m energized by the potential to extend my reach through speaking opportunities via media and in person. I dream of cultural transformation, in which the ‘Beautiful Warrior’ movement reverberates through each woman’s life to empower others to live their Christ-centered purpose.”

Her latest book, Beautiful Warrior, Finding Victory Over the Lies Formed Against You, published by New Hope Publishers, releases this Monday, July 15th. Tina invites you to check it out on her Amazon Author page along with her other works and to connect with her on her website at


“None of us may have it all together, but we can face it all if we stand together in our divine calling and strength.”  —Tina Yeager, Beautiful Warrior, Finding Victory Over the Lies Formed Against You




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