Healthy Living author and certified health and wellness coach, Susan U. Neal, was born in Brookesville, Florida and raised in San Antonio, Florida (not Texas). In a town of less than 500 people, she grew up riding horses and swimming in freshwater ponds. She’s truly a country girl who’s not afraid of spiders or snakes.

For the past twenty-five years she’s lived in Pace, near Pensacola, home to the Blue Angels, emerald-green waters, and sugary-white sand beaches.  

Susan felt a “divine inspiration” to write. “It took me a while to find my ‘healthy living’ niche.” Believing that it’s harder for people who are lethargic and ill to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives, she was inspired to assist others improve their health so they could serve God better.

Combining her passion for God with her practice of yoga, she wrote her first published book, Scripture Yoga, in two years. Now, the author of five books, she’s currently writing one on gluten sensitivity. Susan’s  books can be  purchased through her Amazon Author page.

Although she did minimal marketing with her first two books, she learned the value of collaborating with other authors to introduce readers to herself and her books.

Her current goal for marketing is to have an article and a guest blog post published each month and be interviewed as a guest on a podcast. 

When asked what advice she’d give to someone struggling with their first book, she said, “Join a writers group. This group will help you sharpen your skills and give you accountability to have a new submission written each month.”

Susan invites you to drop by her website at for her free gift that includes fifty recipes and healthy eating guidelines, or if you prefer, visit for a free digital download of a Scripture Yoga class.


“Are you living life in its fullness? Is your health or weight impeding you from embracing a healthy, bountiful life? Take these simple seven steps and regain the life you were created for.”— Susan U Neal, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates

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