South Carolina author, Melissa Henderson is a born-and-bred Virginia girl who married and eventually migrated South. After years spent in North Carolina, she and her husband, Alan, had three reasons to adopt South Carolina as their home—a son, a daughter-in-love, and last but definitely not least, their first grandchild.

Melissa inherited her love of reading from her parents. They not only shared their books and newspapers with her, they would often take her to the library and the bookmobile. In elementary school, she was blessed with caring teachers who continued to nurture her love of books and encouraged her to write. Now, at the age of 58, she’s doing exactly that and remembers her early teachers with gratitude and immense admiration.

She writes inspirational fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, devotions and guest blog posts. Besides contributing articles to a local neighborhood magazine, she’s written a story selected for an upcoming anthology, Heaven Sightings: Angels, Miracles and Glimpses of the Afterlife. The compilation will release next month.

In 2018, Melissa’s first children’s book, Licky the Lizard, was published. “The story is based on my personal experience with learning about lizards after moving to SC. The message in the book shows how we don’t have to be afraid of lizards because God created us all.”

In her early years of writing there were so many things to learn, she felt lost. “But as soon as I began learning from other writers, my anxiety about being published lessened. Today, I am confident to share my stories and have been given opportunities to speak. As a fourteen-year survivor of breast cancer, I often share my cancer journey and listen to others who tell of their own unique experiences.” She plans to write about her journey soon.

When asked for her advice to writers who are struggling with their first book, she said, “Pray first. Ask God for guidance and wisdom with your writing. I always pray for God to give me the words he wants me to share. Also, if possible, join writers groups, attend conferences, and chat with other writers. There are wonderful online writing groups.”

The Henderson family motto is “It’s Always A Story With The Henderson’s.” Melissa shares her personal experiences with humor on her blog as well as the message of God’s love. She invites you to connect with her at and to check out her Amazon Author page. 


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