Elizabeth Ann Wallace, author, speaker, photographer, and Bible study teacher was born in Columbia, South Carolina. She currently lives in Hartsville and Myrtle Beach. 

Ann has always loved to read and has long admired writers, but in her view, she was an unlikely pick. She’s also quick to let you know that God alone is her source of inspiration. 

“I love being creative but never would have guessed I would have become a writer. I kept a diary as a child and teen, wrote poems and greeting cards for family and friends but hated English and school. I was good at it but couldn’t wait to get out. I was actually offered a job as a fashion buyer for a department store out of college, but couldn’t take it due to location. I still love fashion and design—that’s why I think God has such a sense of humor calling me into ministry and writing.”

 Ann, a writer of both nonfiction and fiction, took 8 weeks to write her first book, Extraordinary Hope: 30 Days to Being Strengthened and Inspired. Now, a 2018 Selah Awards finalist, this 30-day devotional, which released in November 2018, reveals how hope is a crucial part of our lives. Readers will be strengthened, uplifted, and filled with hope.

When asked for her advice for aspiring writers, Ann replied, “You will never find the time to write. You seriously have to sit down and refuse to do anything else for the time you’ve set aside. Writing truly is a birthing process.”

Currently, Ann teaches a Facebook Live “15 Minute Quick Study” every Monday night on her Elizabeth Ann Wallace Facebook page. “I’m literally teaching what I’m writing. I go live every week with God leading me right up to the moment sometimes with what needs to be said. It’s scary but powerful and wonderful all at the same time.

As for the future, more than anything, I pray that I please God and follow through on everything he has planned for me. It seemed like it took so long for me to get to this place. I hope I don’t lose another minute tied up with things that have absolutely nothing to do with the kingdom agenda.”

Ann invites you to connect with her through her website, www.ElizabethAnnWallace.com, and purchase her book on her Amazon Author page. 


The following quote from Katherine Paterson’s book, Gates of Excellence, sums up Ann’s feelings.
Before the gates of excellence is sweat. I have learned for all my failings and limitations, that when I am willing to give myself away in a book, readers will respond by giving themselves away as well, and the book that I labored over so long becomes in our mutual giving something far richer and more powerful than I could ever have imagined…I thank God that I have been allowed to take part in this miracle once again.”

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