Nebraska-born author, Bethany Jett has lived most of her life in Florida but considers herself #FloGrown. So much so that after a recent trip to Missouri where the mercury plummeted into the 20s, she promised her husband that Florida would be their forever home.  

However, not even Florida’s warm appeal deters this Jett-setter from braving frigid temps to attend writer’s conferences nationwide, holding to her mantra of “Learn everything you can. Teach as you go.” 

It only took a few conferences for leadership to home in on the broad capabilities of this young student and to quickly elevate her to the role of a faculty member. Her now widely sought-after classes focus on social media, content marketing, live streaming, pitching, networking, and platform building. Her love for marketing and social media led her to pursue her Master of Fine Arts degree in Communication: New Media and Marketing.

Bethany writes nonfiction in the YA and Christian Living categories. Although she grew up loving books, she says the encouragement of her husband and mother (who is a bestselling novelist) is what spurred her to begin writing professionally. After a brief childhood stay in England, she fell in love with all things pertaining to British monarchies. She loves mystery, thriller, and suspense movies and books, and her undergraduate minor is in Criminal justice. Her goals for the next few years are to continue to grow her newest ventures, Serious Writer and Platinum Literary Services, as well as publish more in the YA category.

When asked what advice she would give a writer who is struggling with their first book, she stated, 
“Finish it. Get it all out on paper and then go back in and begin the rewrites. Don’t be afraid to submit because honestly, you’ll always want to go back and edit and make changes. At some point, we have to let it go.”

Bethany is a proud military spouse and homeschooling momma of three boys. You can connect with her on her website at  and can purchase her debut book, a Selah Award finalist, The Cinderella Rule: A Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After on her Amazon Author page.

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