“A journal is a place where we give expression to the fountain of our heart, where we can unreservedly pour out our passion before the Lord.” —Donald S. Whitney 

“Now go and write down these words. Write them in a book.
They will stand until the end of time as a witness.”
Isaiah 30:8, NLT

I recently came across my childhood diary―a Christmas gift from my Sunday School teacher in 1961. I’d just turned thirteen.

I find it amusing that there are only four lines allotted for each day’s entry. But since my social calendar was even more abbreviated, I stayed within the designated space and managed to pack two years within its covers.

Most of my entries are run-of-the-mill: trips to the A&P grocery store with my parents, treating my sister to a five-cent peppermint ice cream cone, catching ten minnows in the creek with a friend, and the combination to my school locker. I’ll refrain from revealing it here since this is a public forum.

Needless to say, those were simpler times. But tucked within the pages of my young ramblings was an ominious event that changed the course of history and halted my age of innocence
―November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Oddly, plenty of blank pages remained in my journal, but my entry on that historical day was my last.

In the late eighties, I resumed journaling and have since filled several drawers with books of all sizes. Each one has served as a place to sort out my thoughts, record memorable events, keep special cards and photos, but above all, my journals have been places to pour out my heart to God and to record his words to me.

Over a span of 1600 years, God expressed the fountain of his heart to forty different authors and scribes who under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit penned his words. God’s Word now stands as testimony of his promises and great love for us.

God still desires to share his heart with his children. For me, journaling serves as an extension of his voice to my spirit. Taking time to record my conversations with God reinforces his truths in my heart and bears witness of his promises to me. When times of doubt arise, I flip back through my journals and recall in the dark moments what he told me in the light.

If we write something down and fail to take it to heart, its presence upon the page stands as a witness against us. We are without excuse. But, when we write something down and live by it, our life becomes the witness and no excuse is necessary.

I want to stand as a positive witness for Christ. I know you do too. Let’s be careful as to what we write across the pages of our lives  

Now its your turn. Do you keep a journal? How has God used it in your life?

I welcome your comments.


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