“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” —Romans 8:18 NIV

Getting from Point A to Point B is seldom by way of a straight path. Just to keep things interesting, life throws us a curve now and then and the unexpected happens. Choosing whether to respond or react to an event is where the rubber meets the road. Our attitude will make or break us. We can lean in or freak out. Skirt by or sideswipe. Hold it in the road or hit the wall.

Consider the following list and check your Tude-o-Meter? Does the gage read half-full or half-empty? 

problem or opportunity

necessary or unnecessary

limited or unlimited

qualified or unqualified

sense or nonsense

valuable or worthless

secure or insecure

obstacle or challenge

possible or impossible

satisfactory or unsatisfactory

bitter or better

freedom or captivity

privilege or entitlement

serious or trivial

simple or complicated

rich of poor

capable or incapable

competition or personal best

As you walk through your day view potential stumbling blocks as stepping-stones to elevate your thinking.

Go ahead. You can do it.

Step up.

Take your time. I’ll wait.

Now, look around you.

How’s the view?

Do you see a hopeless end or an endless hope? 

It’s all a matter of perspective. 

Now it’s your turn. Do you tend to see the glass as half-full or half-empty? What is one thing you can do to improve your perspective?

I always welcome your comments. 



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