We’ve experienced over a year of social isolation brought on by the Covid pandemic. Our future plans were put on hold, and the “good ole days” became more and more appealing. Watching vintage movies, losing ourselves in a historical novel, spending our days antiquing, or restoring old furniture while listening to vintage music were and are excellent ways to journey from now until whenever.

My debut novel, For the Love of Emma, released December 8, 2020. The story takes place in North Carolina during the depression years of 1938 &1939. Come along with me on this sentimental video journey and lose yourself in the world of 19-year-old, Emma Rose Walsh and her first love, Sergeant Noah Anderson.

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In the latter part of For the Love of Emma, Noah Anderson takes a job as a Greyhound bus driver. The following video gives you a brief glimpse into his world and carries us along on our journey toward the sequel, Emma’s Quest, which will be released April 1, 2022 by Mountain Brook Ink.

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Come along with me on today's blog and take a sentimental video journey into Emma's world. Share on X

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