Can one holiday tradition hold the power to heal two broken hearts?

Grab a cup of your favorite brew, a few tissues, and cozy up for an evening or two of sheer delight. Eva Marie Everson’s beautiful Christmas novella will tug at your heartstrings.

After twenty years of marriage, Felicia Morgan and her husband, Jackson, face their first Christmas apart. When Felicia decides not to decorate for Christmas, her daughter insists they at least have a tree. After she promises her mother that she, along with her brothers, will do the heavy lifting, Felicia concedes.

In a hurry to get the task behind her, Felicia pulls out the decorations and unpacks more than she bargained for.  As she unwraps nineteen ornaments given to her by her now estranged husband, each one sparks a flood of emotion-filled memories spanning two decades. Will these sparkling reminders of what once was uncover the heart of their dilemma and become a source of healing for their broken marriage?

Everson’s engaging story of love, hope, and forgiveness combined with her masterful storytelling and relatable characters, may encourage you to begin your own ornament tradition as well as unwrap a few hope-filled, healing memories of your own. An ideal way to gear up for a holiday worth remembering.

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