Mercy’s Rain is a riveting tale of a young Appalachian girl who endures the “unthinkable” at the hands of her pastor father. When Mercy Roller takes justice into her hands, the freedom and peace she covets continue to elude her. Consumed with escalating anger, bitterness, and guilt, Mercy’s quest for sanity and survival leads her down a volatile path toward unconditional love, hope, and redemption.

It’s hard to believe this is the debut novel of author, Cindy K. Sproles. Her vivid portrayal of the characters and their heart-wrenching journeys combined with her skillful description of the hills of Appalachia transport the reader into the heart of Wadalow Mountain and the lives of its residents.

Though portions of Mercy’s Rain tempted me to turn away, the author’s gift of story won out and kept me turning pages till the end. —Starr Ayers

Cindy’s latest release is Liar’s Winter.

“Beneath the hardness of life lies something beautiful. This is the theme of Liar’s Winter. The story clings to your senses and won’t turn you loose, like Cindy’s own description of being caught in a spider’s web that ‘stuck to her like molasses.’ Cindy has a unique voice and shockingly wonderful ability to tell an Appalachian story while weaving the magic of her mountain metaphors. This is another winner, like her best-selling debut novel, Mercy’s Rain.” —Yvonne Lehman, director of Blue Ridge Novel Retreat, and best-selling author of over 45 books.

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