May 2019 marked my seventh year at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. It NEVER disappoints.

Each year, after a multitude of hugs from old and new friends alike, I bid Blue Ridge farewell and descend the mountain with a renewed sense of God-given purpose and vision, a wealth of applicable knowledge, and a heart overflowing with gratitude for those who invest their valuable time and resources to make these wonderful gatherings a reality.

A huge thank you to all who help to provide this platform year after year so seasoned and unseasoned writers alike can come together and grow, share their hopes and dreams, and ultimately spread the love of Christ through the power of their written words.

Coming from years spent in the highly competitive visual arts profession, where few cared to reveal trade secrets, I’ve found the spirit of Blue Ridge and other Christian writers’ conferences I’ve attended to be a breath of fresh air—a breath which when inhaled deeply enough and then exhaled has the power to produce life-giving words. No wonder writers must prop against walls in a standing-room-only classes or pull up the floor to have a seat at the feet of selfless individuals who love Christ and others more than personal gain.

I assume most, if not all, who attended this year’s conference would join me in saying to the BRMCWC organizers, worship and prayer teams, all participating instructors, editors, publishers, and agents, and the hospitable Ridgecrest staff, “Well done thou good and faithful servants. Enter into your Master’s happiness.” You deserve it!

Until we meet again,


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