Where do you fall in this writing marathon? Are you experiencing the exhilaration of pulling out ahead of the pack, the disappointment of breathlessly bringing up the rear, or do you fall somewhere in the obscure middle? Writing may be a solitary journey, but it’s not a solo sport. We don’t need to walk alone.

This month, I had the pleasure of being a guest writer on Edie Melson’s writing website, The Write Conversation. Thank you, Edie, for the invitation to be your guest and for giving me the opportunity to share Becoming a Middle of the Pack Writer.

I invite you to click on the following link to Edie’s outstanding and informative site to learn the benefits of writing from the middle of the pack  

And by the way, take a breather while there and shop around. Whatever it is you need help with, you’ll more than likely find at…

The Write Conversation

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